A fantasy adventure with lots of action and RGP elements


  • Wonderful, highly detailed graphics
  • Dynamic narrator that changes in real time
  • Customizable set of weapons
  • Refined combat system with lots of options


  • None worth mentioning


Bastion is a wonderful action role-playing game set in a colorful environment, in which players must create and defend their own world while a mysterious narrator explains all their moves.

After the Calamity, a horrendous cataclysm that tore the Bastion world apart, there’s not much left. Only The Kid, under your control, will be able to bring it back from its ashes. And in order to do so, he must explore the Wild Unknown, a mysterious area full of dangers, and gather all the necessary resources.

When playing Bastion, you must not only explore unknown territories, but also fight all sorts of monsters and pick up supplies for your haven. Luckily for you, you can use up to ten different weapons, all of them customizable and upgradeable, and improve your combat skills with special potions.

The most outstanding element in Bastion, besides its incredibly rich graphics, is the narrator: a voice that reacts to your choices in the game in real time, explaining your actions and providing a bit of feedback about Bastion’s story.

Bastion reminds us of Zelda: a delightful interactive tale with lots of action and nice role-playing elements.

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